Peach Pineapple Sangria

Peach Pineapple Sangria

The weather here in Michigan was absolutely gorgeous this past weekend, with both Saturday and Sunday playing host to mid-70’s temperatures and sunny skies. In honor of such beautiful weather, I decided to try my hand at making a cool, refreshing drink. So I decided to search out a recipe for Sangria and give it a shot, and came across a recipe for Peach Pineapple Sangria on And since this is the first time I’ve ever made a Sangria, it makes a great addition (and new recipe category) for my 50 in 15 Challenge.


  • 1 bottle chilled Riesling (750 ml)
  • 1 c. chilled Peach Schnapps
  • 1 1/2 c. chilled Pineapple Juice
  • Frozen peach slices
  • Fresh pineapple chunks
  • Fresh raspberries


  1. Stir Riesling, peach schnapps, and pineapple juice together in a pitcher.
  2. Pour over ice, garnishing with a frozen peach slice, pineapple chunk, and a few raspberries.
  3. Drink. Enjoy. Repeat.


The thing I love about this recipe is how easy it is to prepare. Also, since Riesling is such a sweet wine on its own, there’s no need to add any additional sugar to the mix like most Sangria recipes. Just mix the liquids together, pour over some ice, and add some fruit as garnish. And trust me when I say that ending each drink by noshing on the alcohol-infused fruit garnish is a little slice of heaven.

Bon Appétit!


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